Relax in a hippie-chic atmosphere

Still isolated from the rest of the world just 40 years ago, Trancoso has become a favourite destination for those searching for “hippie chic“ simplicity and the calming life of the tropics. The Fenestraz family built Casa Angatu in this tiny fishing village on the Bahia coast, 750 kilometres south of Salvador. This typical and elegant home can accommodate up to ten guests in its five suites. Just a short walk from Quadrado and Brazil’s most inviting beaches, this magnificent residence is an ideal locale for large families or a group of friends to come together.

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Shaped by a solid work ethic, the story of the Fenestraz family proves that mountains can literally be moved … The Raymonde and André Fenestraz success story has been written with French flare, and today their son Raoul continues the family tradition.

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