Water Sports and Activities in Trancoso

Perfect holiday and family destination

Kite Surf

Trancoso was one of the birthplaces of kite surfing. In 1999, Switzerland’s David Varilek was the first to try out his surfboard pulled by a kite. Since, the sport has become very popular, in Brazil and worldwide.  If you come to Trancoso you must try this experience

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

Trancoso 16 km of coastline and dives sites.  Trancoso is famous for its wreck dives, colorful fish and reefs. It is the paradise to explore countless reefs distributed in 8 beaches. If you want to practice these activities visit these beaches : Native, Coqueiros, Itapororoca and even the private beach Patimrim.


Trancoso’s best surf spot is called Itaquena, often deserted beach. If you listen to the locals the best waves are during the fool moon. Even if the passion for surf in this area is quite new, Itaquena is an ideal destination for experimented surfers or those wanting to catch the first wave. It was named one of the best spot to surf in the region. There is even a Surf Festival during fool moon that award the best surfers.

This beach is a protected area, you cannot enter by motor vehicle but the walk is worth it, you will not only enjoy the waves but also the natural pools of the beach.


To set off on the unbeaten paths and for a bit of an adventure, the quad is an excellent option to explore the surrounding areas of Trancoso. After a few days of rest, a healthy dose of adrenaline will do you a lot of good!


Fantastic bike rides await you at Trancoso. By following the untouched coastline, you can head to the wonderful Caraiva beach, 14kms south of the village. The best way to discover Trancoso and its surrounding is by bike.

Horseback Riding

When the sun goes down, set off for the conquest of the Trancoso beaches on your steed! An experience in perfect harmony with nature…


The Terravista Golf Course is one of the most fascinating courses in South America. At the summit of orange cliffs, the terrain overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with a striking contrast of colors. The 18 holes were designed by well-known architect Dan Blankenship.

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